Not being the sort of person to jealously guard his secrets, Donald has written and illustrated a popular series of  books to help budding diabolists.

For those that find the idea of reading and juggling simultaneously too difficult, there’s even a DVD now to guide you through the first stages.

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My First Diabolo Book: Absolute beginner? This is the book to get you started: spinning, controlling, throwing and your first tricks.
93 illustrations.ISBN  0 9520300 5 5“Clear, well-written … a relief for all those that want to learn diabolo”  Kaskade Magazine
Diabolo Stick Grinds  and Suicides. For the more advanced, this book deals with two families of tricks: “grinds” (where the diabolo spins on the stick) and “suicides” (letting go of the sticks).  Not for the faint hearted.
94 illustrations.ISBN 0 9520300 0 4“Engaging style … clear and charmingly illustrated” Jugglers World magazine
Diabolo 2: Crazy Cradles and Baffling Bodymoves.  More advanced stuff, introducing you to a whole world of string trick, plus a bunch of more demanding body figures.
103 illustrations.ISBN 0 9520300 1 2“Donald Grant has done it again … something here for all diabolo devotees … enough to last a lifetime” The Catch magazine
Diabolo 3: Two Hot to Handle.  The all-important guide to mastering two (or more) diabolos at the same time.  Don’t expect to finish this one overnight!
150 illustrations.ISBN 0 9520300 2 0“An excellent and inspiring book … the usual humorous Grant style … a knowledgeable and expert teach-in”.  The Catch magazine
Totally Diabolical.  If you’ve mastered the other books, then this is the one for you.  All manner of one and two diabolo tricks, plus performing, passing, fire and more.
165 illustrations.ISBN 0 9520300 9 8
Special OfferAll 5 of the above Donald Grant Books!
From Donald Grant (author of the fantastic diabolo guides) and The Void (two time British Kendama Champion) comes ‘Spike!’ – a guide to all things cup and ball related. From basic catches and taps to more complex, tricky (and bizarrely named) maneouvres, this book is a must for anyone who takes their skill toys seriously. Features diagrams and easy to understand instructions. Get yourself to JKA standards – then surpass them with finesse and style.
The second installment from the Void and Donald Grant in kendama instruction and inspiration. Our quiffed kendama character takes us through even more adventurous and bizarre variations and tricks with our favourite japanese toy. Also, a little history about kendama and much more focus on that essential yet often-over-looked joint: the knees! (trust us, they’re more important than you think)
Void & Donald return with a brand new kendama manual of “not just tricks”. Don’t worry though, there are tricks aplenty, but also some viewpoints, ideas and “ways of thinking” about kendama.

Not only that, but we have special guest writers (Alex Smith, Alex Ruisch, Katsuaki Shimadera, Mr Jumpshoe, Matt Nix) sharing their own unique insights into tricks, techniques, and practice.

Grab your kendama, and prepare to travel FURTHER! into the clicksphere.