Kid-Diabolo DVD: Aimed at the younger market, but suitable for all ages, the Kid-Diabolo DVD not only written by Donald, but features himself and three other teachers, guiding you through the basics up to an advanced level.
Commentary is in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, and the DVD also has a bonus section of freestyle, performance and much more!
Running time: 40 minutes“The highest calibre of diabolo experts were hired as teachers: Donald Grant, Bruce Wilson and Jochen Schell.  Who wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to learn from them?  Only the best is good enough for our kids!  The fourth teacher, Elias Bechtel (age 12), confidently demonstrates that all of the tricks really can be mastered by a kid.”

Promo Video for “Kid Diabolo”

Other Books

In the course of his career, Donald has been lucky enough to be involved with and feature in several other books.  Here are two (highly recommended!) volumes which he is proud to be featured in:

Virtuosos of Juggling

by Karl-Heinz Ziethen and Alessandro Serena

A beautiful coffee table book covering the history of juggling performance, from its origins up to the present day.
Hardback , 156 pages.ISBN 0 9741848 0 2
Monti- Zuhause unterwegs.

Aus 25 Jahren Unterwegs

An intimate collection of travelling tales from twenty-five years of the highly acclaimed Circus Monti in Switzerland. (Donald was there for the “Feuer und Flamme” tour, 1997!)
Hardback, 120 pages. German Text.ISBN 978 3 03919 139 0