Praise for Donald Grant

“The final act of the evening was Donald Grant, who stunned the crowd with his speed, precision and mastery over one and two diabolos.

Tricks were thrown too fast to describe, one blending directly into another.

Performing in a traditional Scottish kilt could not have made it any easier for Donald, but perhaps for him it was of no consequence.

Even seasoned diabolists knew they were witnessing a truly unique and gifted artist.”

– Juggle Magazine

“A fabulous and Forceful energy on Piste, comparable to that of the great classical jugglers”

– Le Monde du Circus Magazine

“…Sexy, taking his diabolos for a walk like strange pets…”

– The Observer

“The undisputed Master of Diabolo”

– Le Cirque Magazine

“Superb, quick, fluent and complicated”

– The Stage


– Venue Magazine

“A high-speed one and two diabolo routine, packed witha seemingly endless array of amazing tricks. As well as flying high above the audience’s heads, the diabolos whizz past their wine glasses with inch-perfect precision”

– Kaskade Magazine

“Diabolo Mastery”

– Jugglers World Magazine

“Perfectly trained work, underlined by the youthful charm of the artist”

– Manege

“A quality act, and a role model to learn from”

– The Catch Magazine

“Ubelievably fast…and extraordinary diabolo show”

– Organ Magazine

“Breathtakingly shining on stage”

– The Diabolo from A-Z, book by Jonglerie Diffusion, Switzerland